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Meet the Team

As visionary architects deeply devoted to cultivating vibrant communities, they intuitively grasp the transformative prowess inherent in design. Our unwavering belief centres on its capacity to seamlessly unite individuals and cultivate inclusive spaces that transcend conventional structures. Boasting an expansive portfolio that spans the rich tapestries of Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East, we consistently engage in collaborative endeavours with dynamic teams. Our commitment extends beyond conventional boundaries, ensuring the delivery of innovative spaces finely tuned to the distinctive needs of clients and communities. Through this dedication to elevating design standards, we seamlessly blend artistry with functionality, crafting environments that captivate and inspire.

Serwan Saleme
[Serwan Jawhar Namiq]

RIBA/ARB/PGDip/AADip/M.Arch/BA (hons)


Serwan is an architect with a diverse portfolio spanning Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, he consistently collaborates with teams to deliver innovative spaces that cater to the unique needs of communities. By harnessing collective expertise, he brings visionary projects to life, going beyond aesthetics and functionality to embed a sense of belonging and accessibility for everyone.

Srosh Awni


Architect & Structural Engineer

Srosh is graduate of the University of Glasgow’s Civil Engineering with Architecture. With experience working on projects and competitions across the Middle East and Europe, he brings a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to the team. His passion for creating impactful spaces resonates in his work, where he seamlessly integrates engineering principles with architectural concepts to deliver outstanding results.

Aran Saleme
[Aran Jawhar Namiq]

RIBA/ARB/M.Arch/MSc/BA (hons)


Aran is an architect dedicated to crafting innovative and beautiful spaces. With a background that encompasses both academic studies and professional experiences, Aran has contributed to architectural projects across diverse contexts, including Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and North America. He strives to bring captivating designs to life. 

Shaping spaces, inspiring lives, with the transformative synergy of people and artificial intelligence.


Human-centric Design

We are dedicated to designing spaces and products that transcend mere structures by placing people at the heart of our creative process. Our industrial and  architectural journey is rooted in empathy, where listening and meaningful conversations form the cornerstone of our work.

We firmly believe that the most impactful designs emerge from a dynamic interplay of ideas. Our engagement with clients, communities, and designers converges into a continuum of shared vision and collective thinking. Through this transformative synergy of people and artificial intelligence, we strive to create environments that inspire and uplift.

AI-Augmented Excellence

We leverage the power of cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance our design development. This innovative approach enables us to gain profound insights, optimise solutions, and anticipate future needs. By seamlessly integrating AI-driven analytics with human-centered design principles, we ensure that our creations not only meet functional requirements but also resonate with the human spirit.

Shaping spaces, inspiring lives

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