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Shaping Spaces, Inspiring Lives

​Our designs reflect timeless values, weaving a future where simplicity meets innovation. Each project stands as a living legacy, embodying enduring principles with elegant, visionary aethetics. Explore a world where imagination meets innovation, as we redefine spaces through inspiring architecture and product designs. This isn't just design; it's an invitation where every detail tells a story of endless possibilities inspired by nature and humanism.


Understanding the Unique Stories Spaces Can Tell.

Architecture for the community

Our commitment to excellence, a human-centric approach with the community in mind, and a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation distinguish us. Every design we create is a celebration of a unique story and our shared passion for crafting extraordinary spaces.

Honouring Heritage

Mixing tradition with innovation allows us to honor and preserve the rich heritage and cultural identity embedded in architectural practices. It ensures that the essence of our past is not lost but rather reinterpreted in contemporary contexts.



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A Different Approach.

We are collaborators in your journey to bring visions to life. Our commitment to excellence, human-centric approach, and a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation set us apart.  Every design is a celebration of your unique story and our shared passion for extraordinary spaces.


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Drawing inspiration from.. 

Kurdish Architecture 

we embrace the essence of Kurdish traditional architecture—a departure from the familiar, yet deeply rooted in the past. It's an exploration of untried concepts, a journey to create new meanings through design.


Our approach celebrates the departure from conventional architectural elements to embrace the richness of Kurdish tradition: earthy materials, communal spaces, and timeless moments. It's an avant-garde interpretation of nature, inviting exploration and evoking a sense of wonder in every space we create.

Our Sister Studio


London Design Lab is a multidisciplinary studio specialising in brand strategy, campaigns, content creation and advertising. We collaborate to help our clients establish a strong and cohesive brand identity.

The Future of Design Is Here

Embark on a journey to explore a groundbreaking algorithmic approach to design powered by AI.

a masterplanning scheme in china

Hangzhou MixC

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